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To win the Pinewood derby, you've got to know what you're doing.... and the losers, they have no idea what happend.
Take all mystery out of winning.... You will KNOW why you've won, and why others lost

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This is a microscopic view of some flake graphite.



pinewood derby lubrication comparison chart
Check out this amazing research on different lubrications

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One of many trophies

12.006 seconds in 4 races
3.0015 second average
An amazing time on a 42ft. Best Track



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Here is our 2009 trophy in the Sunhawk District (Las Vegas, NV)  where the 5 fastest cars were all from our pack and using the same principals.


My boys did every step on these cars.  One key to making a FAST Pinewood Derby car is having the right tools and teaching your boys how to use them safely.

My son Turner won

My son Tate won our pack